Freitag, 3. April 2015

Montag, 23. Dezember 2013

Boondock´s Our Ms. R. Steele

(Ch. UK, USA Stormfield Seiso at Charson x  CIE Boondock´s Job For The Boys)

A new chapter in my life with Briards is open :-)

Thank you so much Anu Pellas for this princess!!!
(all pics by Anu Pellas/Boondock´s Kennel/Finland)

Sonntag, 3. November 2013

Remi at home

Most people know Remi from dogshow

nearly well groomed and with a clean coat :-)

But this is only a very small side of his life!

Main time he is an important member of our little family:

walking and playing outside - by each weather 

Due that he is almost not clean and well groomed but in every

moment a handsome, very beautyful Briard!

Montag, 14. Oktober 2013



25 years dogshow in Dortmund for me!

What great moments I had in Dortmund!

FCI-Eurpasiegerin with Beira de la Maison d´Origine (owned by Linda van den Berg - thank you Linda for this great job!)
Two times Bundessieger with Ch. Mirage(owned by G. Elsner)
(in the 1990th :-)!

VDH-Europajugendsieger und BOB with my beloved Lhasa Apso Mia in 2001 

And of course all the results from my first bitch Ch.Sel. Gwenhwyfar van Termey and all the
 Briards "de la Porte de Pantin"

But the very special moments were the shows with my unique boy

 C.I.E, Worldwinner Ch. Sel. 
 O´Remington Steele Nadina Sis

FCI-100- Youthwinner 2011
VDH-Europe-Youthwinner 2011
Bundessieger 2011
Bundessieger 2012 
and Vize-Bundessieger 2013 (best black male)

Thank you Zsofi for this special pics!!!

Thank you Giovanna Mazzotti for this  nice pics from the Bundessiegershow 2013!!!

Montag, 2. September 2013

Summary :-)

Pics from some dogshows this year :-)

Crufts March 2013  Thank you for this pics Giovanna Mazzotti!!!

Dortmund May 2013 (Pic by D. + A. Pauer)

CAC Wietzen May 2013
Pic by Nadine Hesse

Clubshow Poland August

CH. Kendra Sarrah "Karma"  Nadina Sis and CIE,WW O´Remington Steele Nadina Sis
Best Couple :-)
UEBB Show Poland August 2013
CH. Kendra Sarrah Nadina Sis and CIE,WW O´Remington Steele Nadina Sis

The back is also very similar :-)))

1. Newton Axiom :-))))

2nd. place :-)))


Two women - one thought? :-))

Remington (Championclass)



Too fast for the camera :-)))))

1st CIB;WW Kennedy Sa Nadina Sis, 2nd Ch. Kendra Sarrah Nadina Sis

Time to say: "Good bye!" See you!!

CAC-Show Gelsenkirchen September 2013
Pic by Briards du Bohemien

All pics from the Clubshow and UEBB Poland by F.W.!!!!!

Thank you Giovanna, Dietmar, Anja, Nadine, Renild and Roger for the pics!